Melodic Recall and Pitch Tests

All guitar grade books require the candidate to complete a listening assessment that includes a melodic recall / pitch test.

Grades including RGT, Rockschool and Trinity College.

This test involves listening to a short melody a couple of times and then playing it back on the guitar. This can be particularly difficult for beginners to the guitar, especially young learners who are not as experienced with melodic structure.

Although the grade books contain a few examples they are not sufficient to develop skills in this area.

Because of this I have developed some additional learning material to help students with melodic recall.

If you would like to download the material you can subscribe to Guitar Lessons East London and the downloads will be available.



Learn Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro 6: Editing tablature and standard notation

Accessories for guitar learning I recommend include software like Guitar Pro 6, which is a tablature / score editing software and be used to simply download tabs of songs you like or you can make up your own guitar tabs and mix them with other sounds to make complete compositions.

If you interested in Guitar Pro 6 and you would like some teaching of how to use it then this can be arranged during a guitar lesson. Inquire about this before or during a lesson.


Guitar Recommendations for learners

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar & gigbag – Natural

Guitar Lessons East London now has guitar and accessory recommendations for learners of all levels listed on the website – although still feel free to call up and ask.

The guitar equipment recommended can be purchased by the links provided from a variety of online stores. The recommendations are personal recommendations from experience and are guitars and accessories that I have suggested to my students – or things they have showed me.


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Access to Music London: British Academy of New Music

I completed my music teacher training at Access to Music East London.

Access to Music is the UK’s leading popular music college offering learning and employability for all ages of UK and international students.

Access to Music develops a student’s creativity, intellect and vocational ambition through broad, relevant engagement with music and music-related curriculum.

Former students, friends and success stories include:

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in British popular music today. A young and talented musician who appeared to come out of nowhere to take the UK charts, Radio 1, UK festivals – and now the Brit Awards – by storm.

Ed Sheeran, Access to Music, Guitar Lessons East London

Ed Sheeran, Access to Music.









The Saturdays


Since 2009, The Saturdays have become one of the biggest girl-groups in the UK with their third album,Notorious, producing some of their biggest hits during 2011.


Rita Ora

Former Access to Music student Rita Ora’s debut release RIP (featuring Tinie Tempah) went straight to number one in the UK singles chart.

Rita studied with Access to Music London on a Music Performance course and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Her first taste of chart success was with DJ Fresh, on the drum and bass anthem ‘Hot Right Now’, which also went to number one. RIP was written by Canadian superstar Drake and produced by Chase & Status – Rita is no stranger to collaborating with big names these days as she’s signed to the Roc Nation label, brainchild of none other than Jay-Z.