Guitar Repairs

Get your guitar fixed in East London

Is your guitar difficult to play?
Fingers Hurting?
Are you struggling to play an F chord?

If so, your guitar may need adjustments.

90% of low to mid-range priced guitars are not set up for maximum playability during the manufacturing process and so are difficult to play. This makes it hard for the beginners that buy them to learn the guitar in a comfortable way and most end up quitting.

Conditions and treatments

    Fingers hurting?

    If your fingers are hurting then your guitar may require several modifications.

    If notes or chords are difficult to play around the 1st fret of the guitar then you will require a nut adjustment. If this is the case you will find the F chord particularly difficult to play.

    Difficulty playing barre chords?

    If you’re finding hard to hold down strings around the neck of the guitar then you may need a rod (inside the neck) adjustment. This can be done by measuring the action (distance of strings from frets) by using a gauge with a capo and adjusting the rod with an Allen key

    If your action (distance of strings from frets) is high then also it could be the bridge that is not set up correctly.

    If both of these are not set up correctly then barre chords will be hard to play cleanly.

    All of these procedures are delicate and require the correct tools. The rod adjustment is manageable, you can probably find a guide on youtube, however be warned it can go wrong.

. Below are the services I can offer.

Acoustic Full Setup

  • Includes
  • Neck Adjustment (£10)
  • Nut adjustment (£25)
  • Saddle Adjustment (£25)



Electric Full Setup

  • Includes
  • Neck Adjustment (£10)
  • Nut adjustment (£25)
  • Saddle Adjustment (£30)
  • Does not include the electrical components